Prissy princess

Prissy Princess is a unique slot machine that offers players a chance to play the game as a sexy, submissive damsel. Look for: three straight wins to open up the magical Treasure Chest, five consecutive wins to access the Castle, and three flag drops in a single turn to enter the Tournament competition. While this may seem like a simple game, don’t underestimate the difficulty of winning these coins! It will take a lot of skill to beat this machine, and even more luck if you get beat. There are a few tips to help you succeed at winning these coins.

The first tip involves the special “lucky dip” that you get from re-entering the multi-line pattern. You have to win on all seven coins in order to access the treasure, but re-entering before this allows you to use the “lucky dip” feature. This is a much better option than trying to win on just two or three coins – the odds of winning on those are not good. Use the “lucky dip” feature wisely if you want to see your fortune. The second tip is to always play the small, medium, and large machines – the small ones have good payouts, but you will rarely beat the re-entry rate on the large ones.

The final tip is to know the symbols and their effects on the reels, since it will determine your success more often than not. Some symbols have the best effects, while others will not help you win. For example, the “power” symbol on the first three slots causes the reel to speed up. A “courage” symbol on the fourth slot means that you get double the payout, while a “fear” symbol on the eleventh slot means that the reels stop moving.