Prissy princess

Prissy Princess is a unique slot machine that offers players a chance to play the game as a sexy, submissive damsel. Look for: three straight wins to open up the magical Treasure Chest, five consecutive wins to access the Castle, and three flag drops in a single turn to enter »

Mini baccarat

One of the most popular casino games available to players at casinos all around the world is Mini baccarat. Like regular baccarat, mini baccarat also offers a low house advantage. For the regular roller, however, it’s one of the lowest-risk games offered at the casino. The casino can afford to »

Lucky diamonds

Lucky Diamonds is a new online casino game that is based on the well known slot machine games. The player has to spin the reels by clicking on the appropriate icons and winning big amounts of money. Apart from the regular jackpot that the casino offers, Lucky Diamonds also have »